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Southern Design is a full service creative studio based in Sydney. We are a team of passionate creative minds that enjoy working with our clients. We devise brand strategies and amazing creative solutions in graphic and digital design that achieve successful outcomes.

Sam Safi

Managing Director

Likes: spanish music. dancing. coffee. walking adventures. lebanese bbq’s. seinfeld. skiing. another coffee.

Dislikes: bad service. mess. low talkers. public transport. slow drivers. bad coffee. pessimists who say they are realists.

Carly Picklum

Senior Designer

Likes: animals. gin cocktails. adventures. cuddles with Obi. baked brie. disney. daylight savings. sound of a kookaburra.

Dislikes: ignorance. biting nails. moths. cooking. the word pop. fake people. when people don’t reply to emails.

Veronica Costa


Likes: my dog. peanut butter. bonsoy. writing lists. white t-shirts. sunny days. smell of fresh cut grass.

Dislikes: loud chewing. birds. coriander. being late. spelling mistakes. fruit flies. drivers that don’t say thanks.

This could be you!


Likes: design. being creative. colour. fonts. dogs. writing lists. music. teamwork. multitasking. socialising.

Dislikes: missing deadlines. being uninspired. silence. spelling mistakes. feedback. unmotivated people.

Matt Karam

Web Design/Support

Likes: fridays. sports. ice ice baby. coriander. drinks. cold side of the pillow. pizza. good font choices.

Dislikes: mondays. country music. sneezing while driving. selfie sticks. packed trains. pineapple on pizza.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Pawsonal Assistant

Likes: sticks. watermelon. fishy treats. adventures with my pawrents. zoomies. destroying toys. cuddles with mum.

Dislikes: vacuum cleaner. wind. flies. being woken up. sitting still. food envy. when people dont say hello to me.

Sonia Turner


Geoff Johnson

I.T. Consultant / JMAC